Why Choose Us
Style Capital: a different approach to investment management
Perché scegliere noi
We operate in sectors that we understand
Our thorough understanding of the sectors of Lifestyle, Fashion & Luxury represents a competitive advantage in the process of selecting and managing investments.
A hands-on approach...
... to us means not just agreeing with, but also actively promoting, the strategic decisions of our portfolio companies.
An extensive network of relationships
In our main target sectors, we often know major customers, agents, distributors and partners, and we use this extended, constantly growing network to create new transversal business opportunities for companies.
Sitting on the board is not enough for us
We do not approve business plans written by others; rather, we collaborate in preparing our companies' business plans.
We choose the key managers
... who will manage the companies.
We spend most of our time at the companies
The team spends most of its time in close contact with the companies and their managers, also taking part in business development and management control activities.
Internal expertise
Our creation of value does not depend solely on the skills of others.
For us, creating value means improving companies' fundamentals
Buying and selling at favourable conditions and arbitraging multiples are useful but not enough.