Mission and reference principles
STYLE CAPITAL SGR firmly believes that the management of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) factors increases the ability of companies to create sustainable and responsible value during time.

In its activity STYLE CAPITAL SGR is committed to promoting the ESG principles of managed Funds' portfolio companies, actively supporting them in a value growth path (Sustainable and Responsible Investment) and contributing to make the sector of Lifestyle, Fashion & Luxury more sustainable, as well as in conducting their operations (Internal Sustainability).

In this context, STYLE CAPITAL SGR believes it is essential to monitor and adopt the principles promoted by the legislation on sustainability of financial services and to play an active role in the adhesion and concrete implementation of these principles. STYLE CAPITAL SGR supports the development of financial products that promote environmental and social characteristics, pursuant to art. 8 of the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR).

The approach chosen by STYLE CAPITAL SGR outlines a path of positive contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (UN SDGs), implementing actions to achieve globally recognized sustainability goals.
ESG Strategy
Sustainable and Responsible Investment

STYLE CAPITAL SGR has the primary goal of actively contributing to the growth process of the companies in which it invests through the managed Funds, particularly favoring sustainable and responsible success by monitoring environmental, social and good governance aspects during the entire life cycle of the investment; in particular, the ESG approach adopted by the SGR involves the the identification and valuation of the main negative effects on environmental and social sustainability that the investment could entail, also in relation to the specific characteristics of the investment sector. ESG criteria are integrated into all Fund management processes, from initial valuation to divestment.

Internal Sustainability

STYLE CAPITAL SGR believes that its operating activities must be carried out according to principles similar to those used in portfolio management and which are required to the companies in which it invests; this goal takes finds expression in a strong commitment by the SGR to adopt an inclusive approach aimed at enhancing its human capital, adopting high standards of corporate governance and business ethics and environmental protection.