Style Capital SGR's primary objective is to actively contribute, by adopting a hands-on approach, to the growth process of the companies in which it invests through the Funds under management, with the aim of creating value for all those involved.

In this context, Style Capital SGR pays great attention to environmental, social and governance aspects in its investment activities, as well as in the management of its investee companies:
  1. the management of these aspects and the mitigation of related risks are increasingly essential requirements for private equity operators;
  2. in order to create value for stakeholders, it is essential to achieve financial objectives while ensuring responsible business management.
Style Capital SGR believes, in particular, that the prudent management of risks and opportunities related to the main sustainability factors will allow financial operators to benefit from a stable and credible position in the future.

The Funds managed by Style Capital SGR do not invest in unethical sectors.

The companies currently in the portfolio are actively involved in integrating the dynamics of sustainability into business processes and give great importance, in particular, to the issue of environmental sustainability, through the implementation of virtuous projects aimed at pursuing an efficient use of natural resources and reducing the impact of business activities on the ecosystem.
Our portfolio companies - forte_forte, MSGM, RE/DONE and Zimmermann - are promoters of sustainability and social responsibility initiatives.