Case studies
Golden Goose
Golden Goose
Golden Goose S.r.l.
Investment date: March 2013
Transaction: Soft LBO
Sector: men's / women's accessories and apparel
Interest: 38.25% (*with control)
Disinvestment date: May 2015
* Under an agreement with other investors, STYLE CAPITAL controlled the majority of the company's governance and capital.
Golden Goose
■ Multiple of 4.6x invested capital
■ IRR on the investment of more than 99%
■ Special mention in the Demattè Private Equity of the Year Award 2015
■ Sales from €21.4 mln to €76 mln (2015 - CAGR of 49%)
■ EBITDA from €5.7 mln to approximately €18 mln (2015A)
■ E-commerce channel developed
■ International markets developed and distribution / franchise agreements reached for Japan, Korea and the Middle East
■ 13 monobrand shops opened
■ Denim and HAUS lines launched, pre-collections added
■ Included in elite segment of Borsa Italiana